The Best Toys For Tinies For The Holidays and Beyond

November 4, 2022

I love watching Beckham see new things and learn, so when it comes to toys I want to find things that are fun but also safe for him. The Tot has become my go-to for eco-friendly, child-friendly toys for my tiny man. Their toys are worth every penny as they provide safe and fun learning and development activities for him without him even realizing that’s what he has. Plus, most are noise-free for parents’ peace.

So this holiday season, we are sharing the toys that are in our own cart on The Tot! They make for great gifts for babies or toddlers (Beckham is just over six months now as I’m writing this) for the holidays, birthdays, or just because.

Classic Stacking Toy

I think we all may have had one of these growing up!

Baby’s First Cell Phone

Beckham is already trying to steal our phones, so we’re getting him his own! Best part? It doesn’t make annoying sounds that will drive us parents crazy.

Bop It Chicken Toy

I remember having a variation of this as a little! Learning to hammer the ball is great for hand/eye coordination.

House Puzzle For Learning Shapes

Shapes and colors in one cute puzzle!

Ice Cream Truck

Learning To Walk Cart 

This is just too cute! I love that some of the parts come off so that you can use it as a cart but it also looks just like a lawn mower if you leave it as is.

Learning To Walk Activity Board

This is my top pick for Beckham. He wants to be on the move and loves to play with his toys, so this is the melding of those two in one learn-to-walk toy.

Road SetEvery kiddo plays with a train set or street set at some point! I remember my brother having an awesome one that we all loved. This one reminds me of that but looks even better.

Learning and playing going hand in hand makes for a happy little friend! I can’t wait to get our picks in so that Beckham can start enjoying them!

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