Schitt’s Creek Haul #2

February 4, 2021

While it has been nearly a year since I fell in love with Schitt’s Creek, that love has only grown over time. I think I’ve watched it through at least 5 times now thanks to being at home 99% of the time. So it is high time I add more Schitt’s Creek goodies to my home and wardrobe for the fun of it! Of course, I have to share my 7 favorite finds with you! 

Best Wishes Warmest Regards Door Mat

I’ll never get over the friendship of snarkiness that is David and Stevie’s. It’s quotes like this one that alert fellow Schitt’s fans to one another because it says Schitt’s Creek without physically saying it. 

Best Wishes Warmest Regards Sweatshirt

For those of us that want to wear it instead of have it on the doorstep. 

Rose Apothecary Reusable Bag

After living in Austin, TX I got in the habit of using reusable bags more than ever before. Now I do everything I can to avoid using plastic bags. It is so easy once you start and cute bags like this give you a great reason to get into the eco-friendly habit!

The Moira Pope Prayer Candle

I mean….what better way to bring the pop culture icon in all her pope hat glory home? Not to mention you can grab a David Rose candle to match. 

Rose Apothecary Candle

Of course, if you prefer your candles to be on the less bold side and err more to a classic style, these Rose Apothecary candles could have been sold in the store itself. They carry the logo and style of David’s lifestyle brand to a tee. 

Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt so much! I have one in navy and it is the perfect way to lounge around. 

Ew, David Tee

Classic Alexis. I never tire of hearing her say this.

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