Beckham’s Portable Play Mat

August 15, 2022

I am in love with Beckham’s little play area in our living room and so is he! We each like it for different reasons though. He enjoys the toys themselves and is learning to do more and more each day while he plays. I like that the colors aren’t crazy like with most kids’ toys and that it is easy to take apart and tuck away when we have guests over.

We started with just the soft cloth circle mat, but that had to be on our rug which then took play space from the pugs (who need the rugs to be able to run or play since the hardwoods aren’t as conducive to their movements). Now we have added a foam mat that is formed with connecting squares to create a little space that is all for Beckham with his toys in one place. It was incredibly easy to all set up and is so functional for our space and our family.

Mornings now include a play sesh on the circle mat to kick and move the hanging toys around followed by chair time. The play chair is helping him with his ability to sit up on his own and he is nearly there! He gets bored of the toys that actually came on his chair so I tend to remove that after a few and give him what he really likes….his soccer ball.

It’s so much fun to see this little man growing and learning with just a few simple toys. Especially since those toys ascetically fit into our home and the store easily.


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