Lululemon ‘Align’ Leggings Review

January 21, 2021

Like so many of you, I have been working from home for what feels like forever. Since March, I’ve been slipping more and more into comfier clothes. Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m basically rotating between a few go-to leggings and pairing them with different sweaters and sweatshirts.

Inevitably, the leggings I reach for most often are my Lululemon Align leggings. They are the softest material and offer the most comfort; acting like a second skin in a sense because they aren’t too tight and don’t have issues like the fabric rolling or bunching. In terms of comfort these bad boys get an A+.

However, they pill. When I say this, know that I follow the instructions from Lululemon to a tee. I have never dried them in the dryer, always hang drying them as I do with other versions I have from them and other retailers. The problem is that what most employees don’t and won’t tell you is that the Aligns are intended to be worn 1-2 times per week at the very most and only for very light exercises including yoga. They are NOT intended for everyday wear or all-day wear or they will absolutely pill.

Most of the pilling is concentrated the my thighs, both on the inside and the tops of them (likely from my dogs climbing all over me all the time). 

With that said, they are still the leggings I will reach for whenever I can because of how soft and comfortable they are. I just had to find a good way to deal with the pilling, and I did. If you haven’t invested in a de-piller (or debobbler if you’re in the UK) yet, do it!

This is the one I’ve had for the last few years and it works wonders: 

The new version looks a little different, but is the same brand and style. Some sites call these a ‘de-piller’ and others a ‘fabric shaver’. Either way this is an amazing tool for getting pills (little fabric balls) off of your clothing or furniture. 

After taking this tool to my Lululemon leggings, here is what that fabric looks like: 

After using the piller/shaver, I felt this fabric and it was like a completely different piece of clothing. It went right back to the soft, butteriness that it had when I first bought it. 

Overall, I love these leggings and wear them constantly. However, for the price of them, having to take a shaver to them every so often is disappointing. That said, I may still grab another pair in the future because of how comfortable they are for lounging and for yoga. To take a peek at them for yourself, click here. I’m hoping to review more leggings options including Aerie’s soon since I’ve heard good things about them. Let me know if you have a favorite brand!

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