Fall Amazon Haul

November 4, 2020

I’m a fairly regular Amazon shopper, if you all haven’t been able to tell yet. But my obsessive online shopping is your gain because I’m sharing all of my recent Amazon purchases with you this fall! These are the items I have ordered and tried for the last few weeks to make sure I really love them before sharing with you.

Book & iPad Stand

Drew and I have been staying in and cooking more with the cooler weather that has been creeping in. We found a few cookbooks that we’ve latched onto and had success with, but I have been propping them up only to have them slip and fall. Don’t ask me why, but having a cookbook propped up makes using it so much easier! So I ordered this stand and am so glad I did! It fits in with my decor with its matte black metal and works perfectly.

Fedora Hat (Comes in 22 colors!)

I was convinced by a friend to pull the trigger and buy what a lot of people call ‘the blogger hat’. Slightly larger fedora-style hats have been a favorite for Insta-girls for a bit now, but I have never been a hat person so I skipped that trend for a long time. This gray fedora is my second one now! I’m all about using it to cover up those grays that come in at my roots!

Glasses Organizer

I am a sunglasses junkie! I have no shame in my sunglasses game. I wear them constantly. Having as many pairs as I do from Amazon or other retailers, they ended up all over the place. I snagged 2 of these stackable organizers to get them (and my blue light glasses) all in one place in my entry. The acrylic makes it easy for me to see the pair I want and grab them on my way out the door. Plus, it looks SO much better than having them piled up on a shelf! (One layer fits 6 pairs)

Matte Black Silverware

I cannot tell you how excited I am to break these out in the new house! I was looking for a good pair of black silverware for a while and comparing pricing. These were worth looking around for! The quality is fantastic and the look is exactly what I was after. They also come in gold and rose gold.

The Home Edit

If you haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon of watching The Home Edit’s show, you are missing out! With colder weather and staying in more, why not take the time to organize? Their book doesn’t disappoint. It actually inspired me even more! I have a laundry list of plans for how I’ll be organizing the new house. I can’t wait to share that with you all!

Knit Sweater Blanket

This blanket is so good! It has a soft sherpa-style side and then a woven sweater-style on the flip side. It is so soft and cozy, perfect for a cold day on the couch. My only complaint is that I wish they had even larger sizes. Drew is obsessed with oversized blankets and this one is more me-sized than him-sized.

Gold Eye Masks

I’ve had puffy, darker under eyes on and off for a while. So I use eye cream in the am and mix in eye masks a few times a week to hydrate. These may be an Amazon beauty product, but don’t let that stop you! They are fantastic! With almost 5-stars in the ratings, I ordered them and love the cooling effect they have on my face in the mornings.

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Please note: I am an Amazon affiliate! That means that if you choose to purchase something from one of my links, I may see a small commission. However, I am never directed or asked to share anything so what I do share are the things I truly use and love.

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