Designer-Inspired Bags That Actually Fit Your Budget!

March 18, 2022

I’ll be the first to admit that I lust after those classic Chanel bags, the monogram Louis Vuittons, and especially the crown jewel of bags: the Hermes Birkin. Sadly, my budget does not allow for those kinds of bags. While it does allow me to go on a splurge for a Michael Kors, Kate Spade, or even a Marc by Marc Jacobs (mostly when they’re on sale), I would still love to get the look and style of some of the higher-end designer bags for my outfits sometimes.

Lately, the bags I have been buying haven’t been from any of the major brands. Instead, I’ve found shapes and styles that mimic the designer bag of the season to the point where I’m achieving the look I want without the insane price tag. In my online shopping this week, I randomly stumbled on a few that I knew I had to share because they are just too good!

Quilted Drawstring Crossbody

Inspired by classic quilted Chanel bags, this one comes in multiple colors and is the perfect way to elevate your crossbody bag for spring and summer.

LV-Inspired Speedy Bag 

The Speedy bag from LV is a classic shape that the company does in their very recognizable monogram print. This one achieves the overall look without being monogramed or having any logos on it.

Inspired by LV’s Neverfull

I have and love this bag! It has the look of the Vuitton monogram in cream with the size capabilities of the Neverfull, but I paid pennies compared to the full-price from LV. I have an organizer in mine and it truly feels like it could never be filled since there is so much space. Great for on-the-go.

Mini Flap Bag 

The Chanel Boy and Flap bags are easily recognized for their size, double c’s, and quilting. This little bag has a slightly more plump shape to it, but achieves the overall classic style of the infamous bag from Coco.

Envelope Bag

I have this in my cart currently and am waiting on that next paycheck to hit so I can pull the trigger! Quilted and in a larger shape than the Boy bag, this envelope/flap bag is a beautiful alternative to the larger Chanel bags on the market. Simple and classic is never a bad investment, but this bag won’t break your bank in the least!

Happy shopping!

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