How To Shop Amazon Without Buyer’s Remorse

November 11, 2020

Ever bought something online, and specifically from Amazon, that arrived only to disappoint you? I have been there, too!

Reading Reviews

Don’t take reviews at face value, but do pay attention to them! I will only buy something on Amazon if it is rated 4 stars or higher and has a sizing chart available that I can use to make sure I am buying the right size for me. The trick with the reviews is that some vendors are paying for them. So some of those 5-star reviews aren’t as glowing as they appear. The reviews I want to read are some of the lower ratings. I caution you to make sure if you are reading these that you read between the lines. You can often tell when someone is writing their review because they misunderstood the listing or just didn’t order the right size and are upset by their own decision (not by the actual item’s quality or anything else). I suggest reading a few reviews from varying levels before making a purchase so that you can see if there are trends within them; is there a common issue that everyone is talking about? Are they getting it and washing the item only to see it start falling apart after the first wash? Is the color off or fit too small (recommending to size up)? Reviews usually only take a few minutes to peruse and it can save you a whole lot of heartache and disappointment later.

Sizing Charts Are Your Best Friend

The easiest sizing part to recognize is your bust since you most likely know your bra size. Anything else and you may want to grab your tape measure to make sure you aren’t buying something that will only disappoint you by being too small (or large). If you don’t have a tape measure around the house already, you absolutely should and can get one here. I keep one in my desk drawer to use for online shopping or anything else around that house.

Pay Attention To The Shipping Timeline

When you select your size, the right side will have an estimated shipping timeframe. Make sure to look at this! If the timeline is more than a week and the item is not listed as being out of stock at the moment, then it is likely to be coming from out of the country. While this may not be an issue for some, keep it in mind for when you are buying something for a special or specific occasion. If you need a dress by next weekend, you aren’t going to want to worry about whether or not it has cleared customs from a random Amazon vendor.

Free Shipping Isn’t Just For Prime Members

Fun Fact: I don’t actually have Amazon Prime! I know, I know. You’d think I do with all the shopping I do, right? But the biggest perk I would see from Prime is the shipping cost. HOWEVER, nearly every Amazon purchase actually does offer free shipping…if you are paying attention. When you are going through your checkout options and come to the shipping page, your account defaults you to a shipping charge. It also has other options for you to receive the items sooner if you need them express shipped. What some don’t notice is that for a day or two LONGER you can get free shipping (in most cases). So I go that route! I get to save that money, honey, because I don’t need anything I’m ordering online that quickly to where a day or two will break me. So why bother paying more?

Hopefully these tips help you shop smarter! Let me know if you have any of your own tips and tricks to share!

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