Happy World Yoga Day! How Yoga Helped Me Through & After Pregnancy

June 20, 2022

I picked up yoga a few years ago but was an intermittent participant. I would do it once or twice a week here and there, but until 2019, that was it. I found a yoga app and YouTube videos around that time and began to increase to something more like three or four times a week. During Covid lockdown it was almost daily that I’d find a pocket of 20-25 minutes for a good yoga sesh. While I’ve attended classes, I enjoy doing yoga in the quiet of my home when I can fit it into my day. Working from home has allowed me more flexibility in the past few years, but with a baby around, that has changed a bit and requires more planning or forethought.

Turns out yoga was the perfect thing for my body before, during, and after pregnancy. After years of even small doses of yoga nearly daily, my body was more lean and flexible which made moving around during pregnancy much easier. I was able to stay active throughout my entire pregnancy and have been recovering well from it. All thanks to yoga.

At seven weeks post- c-section, I have started doing yoga a few times a week. Gently easing into the movements my body has been used to all these years. Pairing it with a daily shower has this new mommy feeling like a normal human every day. I know that it has helped with my mental state to be able to take the time to myself and get my blood flowing.

So I’ll be celebrating World Yoga Day with some time on my mat appreciating the physical and mental health benefits I take from doing yoga, and I hope you will, too!


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