Classic (Family Friendly) Halloween Movies To Binge This Weekend

October 23, 2020

Every year when fall rolls around I get so excited to break out some old favorites from the movie vault for Halloween. I am not a scary movie person at all, so I head to the films I grew up on as a kid! Whether you watch them every year (like I do) or haven’t watched them since you were five, these movies are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. You can rent them via Amazon or watch now for free with your Prime access.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family.png

The first of the two Addams Family movies from the ’90’s, the Addams Family is the epitome of Halloween fun! From the time you hear the iconic theme song at the beginning you will be laughing and entertained by this family’s oddball behavior and antics as they save their home and family from being taken over by lying schemers. Plus, Morticia and Wednesday are some of the most cherished Halloween characters and have become cult classics in their own rights.

(You can also find the 2019 animated movie of the same name if your kiddos are younger and just getting into movies).

The Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values

For the night when you are after a double feature this is the follow up to the first movie above. The family gets themselves into another round of trouble when a black widow comes into their midst and tangles them up in her web. Both films are full of the Halloween mood and spirit in a way that fits with the story and its very quirky characters.



Yes, seriously. I LOVE the board game, so it should come as no surprise that I would enjoy the movie, too. I have this one on DVD and love that it has multiple endings so that you never know who the killer is until the end and it could change the next time you watch it!

Hocus Pocus


This is by far Drew’s favorite movie for the holidays….all the holidays. You really can’t beat the Sanderson sisters! Or can you? A brother and sister pair up with friends to try to do just that. A talking cat, witches back from the dead, a mummy. What more could you need in a Halloween flick? Oh, music? It has that too. It will definitely put a spell on you. (*wink*)



I mean…as a pre-teen girl, it was tough not to love this one since Casper turned out to be a cute guy! Christina Ricci is the leading lady and Halloween queen between Casper and The Addams Family. Moving to a new town and into a haunted mansion, her character befriends the friendly ghost as they try to save the mansion and its history from sneaky gold-diggers.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


There is nothing more classic than the Charlie Brown special! I have the DVD set of Charlie Brown for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Once I break it out in the fall, I know that my favorite time of the year has really begun. Fall and the holidays are what I look forward to every year; the changing leaves, the crisp air for sweater weather, hot cocoa, and so much more. Charlie Brown is a staple for the holidays that gets me right into that spirit.

Which movie is your Halloween favorite?? Comment below to share your all-time favorite!

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