Kansas City Fashion Week 2020 Recap

September 29, 2020

It’s always sad to see the end of another fabulous Fashion Week. This year, Kansas City took Fashion Week virtual and that still didn’t change. Obviously seeing the shows in person and experiencing the crowd reactions is preferred, but KC found a way to bring fashion to us even in the midst of a global pandemic in a well done way.

The shows were shot in the days leading up to the event and the videos of them were shared for a window of a few hours each night Thursday through Saturday. The production team deserves a huge kudos for the beautifully shot and produced videos. The styling of the videos was simple and chic and showcased the designs very well.

In terms of the designs themselves, much like any other city’s fashion weeks, KC showed a variety of skill and levels with some outshining others. The highest point for me in seasons past and again this year was Any Old Iron out of Nashville. Their rockstar vibes steal the show and make for the perfect finale on Saturday’s final round of designers. Other designers of note included bridal designers Potapenko and Yanchenko, Daria’s Dress, Hannah Kristina Designs, and Laura Citron.

I’ve been watching videos and flipping through photos of collections from the major fashion capitals in the past few weeks as they host their fashion weeks, as well (Paris being held this week). One of the things that Kansas City did better than any other part of the world was to showcase diversity in terms of the models. KC had men and women of so many races, heights, weights, body types, and ages across nearly every collection presented. What is even more impressive is that this is not just the case this season but has been the M.O. for KCFW in prior seasons as well. As I sat front row this time last year (KC was not able to host shows this year in the spring), I was struck by how well our city showed up truly representing itself: with a blend of all different people. Our city and our world are filled with so many unique people with differences both visible and otherwise. It is truly wonderful to see that being shown on the runways.

For more information on KC Fashion Week, including all of the designers, head over to their website here. In the meantime, here are highlights of my favorite looks and collections:


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