New “Guilty” Pleasure: Emily In Paris

October 10, 2020

Vogue and the rest of the bougie fashion industry can called Netflix’s Emily In Paris “cliché” and whatever else they want, but I’m 100% loving it and counting down until a second season drops. I’ve only binged only a handful of shows and this was definitely one of them (along with The Home Edit that came out recently but that’s a whole other obsession).

The recent reviews of Emily In Paris have left me irritated though. A show that has Patricia Fields giving us over-the-top and Americanized Parisian fashion glam looks in 2020 when the rest of our lives is lacking in those areas? Sign me the F up! Those Louboutins heels, Dior accessories, Kenzie dresses, and the basic B bag charms that litter the wardrobe of the show are what decorated the characters that I got to just relax and watch. The fact that it wasn’t deep or super thought-provoking was such a relief for a moment. It was an easy watch that I could relax and just enjoy. After everything else going on in the world, what is so wrong with that?

Sometimes a brain break is the answer. Not everything has to have a deeper meaning and it is ok to just zone out and watch something like that. Let’s be honest…reality TV definitely falls into this category and millions of people take a lot of enjoyment from the many many shows out there. Including me! Bachelorette starts on Tuesday, and if you’re following me on Insta you know I’ll be watching!

Bottom line: watch what you ENJOY. Whether anyone else does or not, if it makes you feel better in your day, helps you relax and zone out, or does make you think and that’s what you’re after or whatever it is, choose to do what YOU enjoy.

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  1. What’s NOT to love about Emily in Paris?? Amazing fashion, cute and uplifting storyline, strong female lead – I feel like Emily is the 20-something year old career woman that is living her best career life and goals! Love it ❤️

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