How To Stop Worrying About If Your Bra Is Showing

October 21, 2019

One of the questions I get most often is ‘how do you keep your bra from showing in that outfit?’. The answer(s) is much easier than you’d think! I have a few quick tricks to making sure you can wear everything in your wardrobe without showing your bra.

First and foremost, you have to know what your ACTUAL bra size is. None of that ‘I had someone at Victoria’s Secret measure me’ either. I’ve had them measure me on numerous occasions and never once get it right. Knowing your size is as easy as taking your measuring tape (if you haven’t grabbed a measuring tape for yourself yet, you can get one here) out and following these simple steps:

  1. Take your measurement around your rib cage just under your breasts (in inches). If the number is odd, add 5. If the number is even, add 4. Trust me! This number is your actual bra size.
  2. Next, measure around your bust at your fullest point.
  3. If the difference between your number from step 1 and step 2 is 5 inches, you are an A cup. If the difference is 6 inches, you are a B cup. If the difference is 7 inches, you’re a C. And if it is 8 inches, then you are a D cup. Easy!

Now that you know your size, it will be ten times easier to make outfits work. Gapping and strap slips will be fewer and further between. This means your tops will actually lay without issue against your bra. Tip: I recommend staying away from lace, patterns, or embellishments like rhinestones as they all show through fabrics in some way. Worst part is that you may not notice they’re showing until you’re under the terrible florescent lights of your office building.

So what about those tops that require more creative support? My secret replacement for anything that I might try to wear with a strapless is an adhesive bra! I first got one for my wedding dress and have never looked back. They are made to stick to skin but be easy on that skin when removing AND they’re reusable! Both Target and Amazon offer great options that are very budget-friendly. I never worry about buying a top or dress that has a more interesting neckline or is backless because I know this is going to be the answer to making the look work.

Finally, the last trick up my sleeve (literally) is Hollywood Fashion Tape. It is important to get the Hollywood brand of this item, though. I’ve tested out a number of brands, including Victoria’s Secret and some off-brands, but none have worked like Hollywood. This is a little bit of magic if the world ever saw some! I’ve used this for so many different outfit corrections: closing up the gap between buttons on a button-up shirt, taping the neckline of a dress in place to last through dancing the night away, or keeping the neckline of a slouchy sweater aligned with my bra strap! There is always a piece of this magic in my purse so girlfriends and I are safe from any uncomfortable situations.

So your assignments are to grab your measuring tape, order your adhesive bra, and have your fashion tape handy to rock any look you want!

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