Leaves Change & So Do Our Outfits

September 27, 2018

Now that we are a full week into the fall season, it’s time for coats and scarves and knee-high boots, right? For many of us, that is not the case. This time of year can often be more difficult to dress for as it is a more transitional period: the time between when the fashion magazines and stores are pushing those cute outfits you’re dying to wear and whenever Mother Nature decides she is going to actually let you wear them. So what’s a girl to do in these weeks before the crisp fall weather really kicks in? TAKE ADVANTAGE! This is the last time this year that you can wear open-toed booties, cuff your jacket sleeves or jeans, and might still be able to get away with that spaghetti strap dress without needing a jacket.

This is also a great time to flex your creativity depending on where you live and what the temperature is like. For example, I currently live in Texas where it is currently cooler in the mornings (around 67 degrees) and much warmer in the later afternoon (closer to 89-90). With this weather, my go-to at the moment has been cuffed skinny jeans, a top, and maybe a light jacket paired with a few very simple pieces of jewelry and strappy heels or open-toed booties. When you are dealing with transitional temperatures like these where you can’t go with full leather boots or sweaters, it is important to dress in a way that allow for comfort regardless of how warm it gets throughout the day. Open-toes shoes including strappy heels are a great option with jeans or a dress. Jackets made of lighter fabrics like cotton or blends and even denim can be a great way to pull a look together that still allows you to move through the day from cooler to warmer or vice versa.

As the weather cools, you’ll slowly be able to integrate those pieces you’re craving. I recently pulled a few pairs of ankle and open-toe boots out onto shelving in my closet area along with my fall scarves. Having them out in plain view helps me see what I have and pull outfits together more easily, but it also helps this transition. This is the time when you can begin moving the sandals to the back and the boots to the front! I do not subscribe to packing away ‘summer clothes’ or ‘winter clothes’ during the opposite season and unpacking them when their season arrives. Today, so many pieces are able to be incorporated into an outfit during the spring but could also be used in a different way for the fall/winter. Plus, who has time for all that packing and unpacking??

The most important thing to remember is to always have fun with your looks and wear what makes you comfortable and confident!


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