How To Do A Closet Reset For The Changing Season

September 8, 2023

Now that we are into the month of September and fashion week is upon us, I’m looking to my closet for the ‘fashion new year’. The changing weather in a large portion of the country marks a change in our wardrobes, as well. Fall and winter in my area will mean cooler temperatures bringing cozy sweaters, boots, jackets; all of my favorite parts of my wardrobe.

1 – Pair It Down

Before you even set out to pull away the items that will head into storage for the next few seasons, make sure your wardrobe only includes pieces you are keeping. Resetting your closet is a great time to do a clean out, as well. If you haven’t worn it in years and can’t bring yourself to again, maybe it’s time to find it a new home.

2 – Fix It Up

If there is mending needed on an item, it’s time to get it to the tailor before you pack it away or pull it forward for the season ahead. Thinning out and repairing items before you stow them for the winter will make it much easier on you come spring/summer when you pull these items back into your closet to wear. They’ll be fresh and ready for you to take them into the season.

3 – Separate Now From Later

Go through your wardrobe section by section. This includes not only your garments, but shoes and accessories, as well. As the seasons change, so do the trends. Your bright green bag may have worked throughout the summer, but with jewel tones and darker shades taking center stage in the fall/winter, you’ll want to pack that bag away until resort-wear is needed again. Then, tuck away all the items you won’t be reaching for in the next few months.

Tip: Save space by using an existing tote to store other bags or accessories. I have a massive beach bag that I use to store all of my summer shoes and sandals. If you have an extra suitcase that you don’t use often, that can be a great way to safely stow things away when you aren’t using them.

Extra: For smaller spaces, you may not have an area where you can just hide everything away while you aren’t using it. While now I have the luxury of a guest room with a full-sized closet where I can tuck everything away until spring, that wasn’t always the case. Take stock of the space you do have and use it wisely! If you just have one closet where you house your full wardrobe regardless of the season, try separating out the seasonal items and pushing the ones you don’t need to the back of the closet or far end of the rack.

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