Abercrombie Leggings Review…Yes, Seriously

June 17, 2022

I’ve previously reviewed Lululemon leggings noting that while I love the feel of the fabric and it’s fit, the fact that they pill so badly is extremely disappointing for the price tag. So I set out to find something that doesn’t pill but still has a great look for everyday, comfortable wear. And I found it! Shockingly enough, I found it at Abercrombie.

I remember Abercrombie being THE place to shop when I was in high school. You knew you were cool with the double-popped polo collar that had that moose on the chest. Nowadays, Abercrombie is working to rebrand themselves (with no help from the Netflix documentary that was recently released) into a fashion-forward brand with quality products. Based on the pieces I have bought for myself and my husband this year, they are doing well in that effort.

Their leggings in particular were what caught my attention first. The fabric was labeled ‘Soft AF’, which is a fun play on the name of the brand and the abbreviation for the F word. When I tried my first pair, they lived up to that. The fabric is super soft with a fit around the waist that still manages to hold in a little pooch (which I definitely have currently post-baby). What’s more though, the fabric is washer AND dryer friendly, doesn’t stiffen or become less soft with washes/wears, and doesn’t pill! I have had mine for over a year now and could not be more thrilled. The real sign that I love them? I now have 4-5 pairs including bike shorts for summer.

These get a 10/10 from me and I will continue to buy them over Lululemon thanks to the quality over time and the fact that they are a fraction of the price!


P.S. You can find my Lululemon review HERE.


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