Dior In Dallas

June 16, 2019

After visiting the Dallas Museum of Art last week to see the Dior exhibit, I swear I dream of Dior. The exhibit had my jaw dropped the entire time and left me feeling both filled to the brim with excitement and wanting more. From the moment you enter the small hallway lined stadium-style with dresses and suiting from every era of Dior’s history, you are transported to Dior’s world of beauty and serenity. Each room showcases the attention to detail the house has long been known for while still maintaining an effortlessness that goes unparalleled.

I’m thrilled to share this gallery of photos with you from my trip! I hope that these photos inspire you! If you want to get the in-person experience, the exhibit is on display in Dallas through September 1, 2019. For more details and to snag a ticket, visit the DMA official site here.


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