What I’m Reading Now – June

June 19, 2019

In keeping with my Dior obsession, it should come as no surprise that I’m reading a book that he himself wrote. Monsieur Dior wrote a memoir of his time as a couturier reflecting on his upbringing, his incredible ascension to the highest tiers of the fashion world, and how his personal and professional selves met to be one man: Christian Dior. Having read one of the leading biographies (Christian Dior : A Biography by Marie-France Pochna)on him before, I had been very keen on reading this book that he wrote to convey is own thoughts and perceptions on the events that changed the course of fashion history forever. As of today, I’m about fifty pages in to Dior by Dior and loving it! This is an easy read that takes you into what feels like an intimate conversation that you get to have with the infamous couturier.

Grab your own copy via the links below to read along with me! I’m also including my favorite Dior biography and a second book that Christian Dior wrote, The Little Dictionary of Fashion, which gives a fashionable term to each letter of the alphabet.

Dior by Dior 

Christian Dior : The Biography by Marie-France Pochna

The Little Dictionary Of Fashion by Christian Dior


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