Planners To Help You Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

December 30, 2019

New Year New You! But really, any day is the perfect time for a new beginning or fresh start. It’s all about getting yourself set up for the successes you want. I love to make lists and use a planner to get myself organized with work, my blog, yoga, or anything else going on in my life. Getting things on paper helps me to feel more controlled and less scattered in everything going on. Even without human kiddos, adulting is a lot of work and coordination!

From notebooks to planners, I’m sharing my favorite tools for taking control of the new year and making it your best yet!

Leaders In Heels

Leaders In Heels Notebooks

If you’re a goal-setter, these are the planners and journals for you. They do an amazing job of integrating motivational quotes, goal-setting activities, and journaling inspiration to make you dig a little deeper and reach a little higher. Not to mention, their products are gorge!

Leaders In Heels Inside.png

Kate Spade 

Kate Spade Notebook.png

The stationary from Kate Spade is hard to beat. I spend that little bit more on the hardcover lined notebooks to get the quality paper and super useful ribboned bookmarks. The notebook I used in 2019 (and have replaced with this fresh one for 2020) had 6 built-in ribbon bookmarks that were perfect for marking out different notes I’d taken or to-do lists I’d made making them easy to find.

Plum Paper

Plum Paper.png

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll likely recognize my daily planner as one of Plum Paper’s custom works of awesome! They allow you to customize your planner based on your needs in any area of life. Whether you’re a teacher, blogger, or busy mom on the run, these customizable planners have it all for your unique life. I’ve been using their planners for the last 3 years after having switched from Kate Spade and (much as I love Kate) won’t be going anywhere else in the future.


Desk Calendar .png

Budget-friendly and always cute, Target offers a range of desk calendars as well as planners that can be refilled year over year with fresh pages (without replacing the entire planner). I’m partial to a larger desk calendar for work where I can share special occasions with those around me by hanging it on my desk wall.

No matter what planner, notebook, or anything else you use to get yourself organized and ready for the year ahead, make sure you do something that gets you ready to tackle your goals. You’ve got this!

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