4 Designer Shoe Styles You Can Afford!

March 13, 2020

As you can probably guess from the title of this blog, I am a big fan of designer shoes. However, quality and style have their price tags and I (like so many others) don’t have the funds to shell out on the gorgeous heels I covet from the pages of magazines. So instead, I have searched for some of my favorites at a far more affordable price point and found them!

Below you’ll find four of the best alternatives for designer kicks. On the left is the designer version and on the right is the affordable style. You won’t believe the price difference!

Louboutin Booties


Of course the first pair I wanted to find was a Louboutin! These are available in a number of colors and do come in a boot without the spikes. I love the statement that these make while still being a black boot that would be easy to coordinate with any look. Bonus: There is a pump version, too!

Gucci Mules

These are classics. If you haven’t jumped on the mule bandwagon, just hear me out and give them a try! I waited way too long to commit to mine thinking I would look like I’d lost half my shoe. They are comfortable and add a chicness to jeans and a sweater or top that ballet flats don’t quite achieve in the same way.

Aquazurra Heels

As seen on the Duchess of Sussex! These are such an amazing alternative because you basically can’t see the difference! They’re a mirror image of their designer inspiration.

Jimmy Choo Crystal Strap Mule Heels

One of the more recent styles to grace celebrities, Instagrammers, and Pinterest boards, these Jimmy Choos are an update to the classic pump that somehow look amazing with jeans and a tee. They are also available in other colors! I have my eye on the cream version.

Happy Shopping!


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