What To Wear When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

March 22, 2019

With March being Women’s History Month, I feel like it is only appropriate that we acknowledge one fact: Women are BADASSES.

The amount of things that we deal with on a daily basis as a result of our bodies alone is insane. We all face those days: You wake up feeling too tired to give a damn, too bloated to feel cute in anything, or wanting to do nothing other than lay in the fetal position because your cramps are running your life. Somehow we manage to get up and do even when we just want to stay wrapped up in the comforter in bed. The strength of a woman to get up, show up, and never give up never ceases to amaze. It is in those moments and on those days when we want to give up or just stop and we CHOOSE to overcome that makes us who we are: AMAZING.

On top of just our normal everyday worries like our periods or pregnancy, we also have other health concerns that can be extremely limiting to us as women. One of those is endometriosis, which is also highlighted in the month of March as it is Endometriosis Awareness Month. The struggles of women across the world who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of endo are truly real. But what is truly incredible to me is how resilient these women are. You may not even realize that someone you know is suffering from it because she may being doing what so many of us do: suffer through the pain in silence because we have shit to do. While our male counterparts are going about their usual day, women suffering from this type of pain are often struggling to get up from the cold floor of their bathrooms before they can even begin to get dressed and ready for their day ahead.

So these issues beg the question: What do you do and, more importantly, what do you wear on those days when you feel like you just can’t do it?

First of all, it is extremely important that you don’t limit yourself by labels of size or discount a particular brand or department without trying it out. You have a uniqueness that is all yours and that can often mean you have to get creative in how you shop and dress. The options are there if you know where and how to find them. The trick in all of this is being intentional about what you want and then going out there and finding it.

Hear me out on this: Maternity clothing doesn’t have to strictly be for women who are pregnant. There have been some ingenious designs in recent years to the category of maternity clothing that truly makes the options look like any other department’s version of the item. For example, when it comes to dressing for days you are bloated, jeans can often seem like a mountain that you just don’t have the energy to climb. Jeans and slacks for maternity have come a looooong way in the last few years. If you have days when the bloat is getting the better of you but you still have to look your part for the day, consider trying out some ‘maternity’ pants that have panels in the sides! The panels are made of a more elastic material that allow for stretch without losing the look of a ‘normal’ pair of pants. Another option? Hop on the trend of the lightweight, flowy pant seen below! The higher waistline on many of these options affords you coverage of the dreaded tummy area.

Genius! Motherhood Maternity Denim with expandable side panels

In terms of tops, you want to consider two things: fabric and color. Fabric choices make a big difference in how your body looks in a particular piece of clothing as it determines how it falls on your body. Fabrics with stretch are going to give you more room to breathe but will likely be more form-fitting. Knits and sweaters with a looser fit in the cooler months and flowy tops in a lightweight fabric for warmer weather are your friends here.

Loving this Open Stitch Sweater from Target!
Not too heavy, breathable, and will be loose and comfy when you need that space.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for those days when I really don’t feel like it but need to push through with cuteness and comfort:

Utility tops! This one is from Target’s A New Day collection (available in a gorgeous green, too). I find this type of top at Nordstrom Rack constantly in all shades and prints at a similar price point.
These are sooooo good! Faux leather leggings from Nordstrom Rack. They will give you a good amount of stretch (as leggings) but make you feel like the badass you are.
(Available in a number of colors)
I’m still so obsessed with this long printed cardigan! Lighter knit for layering and the excess of compliments you’ll get will make it worth the longer shipping time.

Throw on a pair of boots or heels with any comfy look to immediately elevate it. Even a lower heel works!

One other major thing to do on these trying days? Dress in what you FEEL LIKE WEARING! Pieces that make you feel good and highlight the parts of your body that aren’t causing you grief (the girls may be sore on your first days of your period but man do they look good!) are key to making you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin.

For my Endo girls! This blog was done in partnership with the amazing ladies of Endo Girl Blog, including my long-time friend and inspirational unicorn, Kate Boyce. They have some life-changing info and resources for anyone struggling through their endometriosis journey. If you have endo, have questions, or are just curious to learn more, head over to their blog!

If you are fighting endometriosis or just struggling to find the pieces that work for you on these tougher days, shoot me an email at mylifewithoutlouboutins@gmail.com. I can work with you directly to customize a shopping list for you to select from that fits your exact needs!


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