5 Holiday Decor Pieces That Transition To ‘Winter Decor’

December 7, 2020

Every year, I look forward to putting up my Christmas tree and decorating for the holiday. This year just felt different though. I usually wait until the weekend following Thanksgiving; I’m more of a stay-at-home-and-shop Black Friday shopper, so I tend to spend the day putting up all of my holiday decor. With everything going on this year, I pulled the trigger a little early on all the holiday feels. I eased into it at the beginning of November with ‘winter decor’ that I’ll also be able to transition to after Christmas is over so that January has some sparkle. Then, about a week before Thanksgiving, I went full-force into Christmas decor. Don’t worry! The holiday movies and music weren’t playing until after Thanksgiving! Now that we have the twinkling lights up all around our apartment, it just feels warm and wonderful.

When it comes to buying holiday decorations, I stick to similar color story rules that I apply to my wardrobe. White and silver are the main colors that are in my decor year after year. That base allows me to integrate other colors depending on mood or the trend for the year. This year, I grabbed a matte black tree collar to give that trend a try. (By the way, I love it!). That just felt like it needed a matching star. Then I saw a strand of buffalo plaid ribbon in black and white and that was it. So this year, my tree is black, white, and silver. All it took was those three items to take my tree from the red and white glittering snowflake-covered tree that filled our living room last year.

After the holiday, I always feel like my house looks so…plain. The twinkle of the lights and sparkle from the glitter of holiday decor just takes the house up a notch in one of the more bleak seasons of the year. So I’ve found a few decor pieces that work for both the holidays and for the winter season! That way you can decorate early if you’re feeling that cold air hit, and use these items to decorate after the December holidays are done so that you don’t get that empty feeling in your house.


These trees comes in so many sizes and colors now! I have a mix of white, green, and silver in varying sizes throughout my house on console tables, bookshelves, and countertops to give my house a winter wonderland forest feel. You may be able to find signs that say something like ‘Tree Farm’ on them that don’t say ‘Christmas’ so that they become transitional decor pieces with your trees to complete the look.

2. Houses

Target came out with galvanized metal houses in white, black, and silver some even topped with snow! They usually have space inside for either candles or fairy string lights that provide a warm glow. These also come in varying sizes, especially if you’ve been keeping an eye on the Dollar Deals sections at the front of your local Target.

3. Candles

Candles are a staple in my house year-round, but during the colder months they are burning constantly. DW Home makes the longest burning and best-smelling candles I’ve found (and trust me, I have tested out a lot of candles before landing on these). They even look good scattered around on bookshelves or tables and when burning give a warm, cozy feel.

4. Wreaths

A simple wreath with a spring of holly or flocked with a string of lights can be a great way to keep the winter feels past December. The only caveat with keeping a wreath going is that if we are past Christmas, wreaths with ornaments and/or ribbons need to go.

5. Snow-Themed Items

What’s more winter than snow?? I found a cute mini window that has snow at the edges sitting on my console table. I found it in the Target deals section this year with their holiday release items, but anything that is more of a snow-themed item like this can help with keeping a winter feel without it screaming ‘Christmas’.

I plan on keeping my winter decor up and about until mid-February. Living in the midwest, that covers the majority of our winter season. Then come March I can give my home a refresh with accents of spring to bring us out of the cold months and welcome the warming days ahead.


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