The 3 Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Runway Trend To Try

August 27, 2021

Every fall, we get to start the fashion year again. We welcome in our knits, plaids, and boots often with a new twist from the runway collections. However, those runways can often throw us trends that don’t work in everyday wardrobes or style. So today, I’m bringing you the three trends from the Fall/Winter 2021 Runway Collections that are not only easy to integrate into your wardrobe but that will be things you can hold onto for seasons to come.

Plaid Coats

Jason Wu Fall 2021 RTW

Christian Siriano Fall 2021 RTW

Zimmerman Fall 2021 RTW

No surprises here! Every fall, many areas start to bundle up as the cold weather creeps in and we often see variations of plaids and jewel tones come in with it. This season was no exception. The coats across multiple shows were standouts with classic cuts in deep tones. Clean and classic; staples for your fall/winter wardrobe for years to come but fit right in with the trends of this season, too.


Starched and Bejeweled Collars 

Alessandra Rich Fall 2021 RTW

Dior Fall 2021 RTW

Dior Fall 2021 RTW

Think Blair Waldorf from the OG Gossip Girl. Consider taking your collared shirt and pairing it over a chunky knit sweater or a dress a la Dior.


Midi Skirts and Dresses

Dior Fall 2021 RTW

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2021 RTW

Erdem Fall 2021 RTW

By far the most exciting thing for me to see on the runways was midi skirts. They pull at my heartstrings as they remind me of photos from the 40s-50s and the beautiful Dior New Look skirts that took the world by storm in 1948 and beyond. Midi skirts fall below the knee and above the ankles. They bring about a very elegant, ladylike silhouette, but can be dressed up or down. Consider throwing a chunky knit sweater or t-shirt tucked in at the waist or a bodysuit for a more streamlined look.


Which trend are you trying out first?

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