Fashion Week 2020 Is Here!

September 11, 2020

This year has been full of changes that we could never have foreseen. The fashion industry has been faced with struggles at all levels and the reach that the pandemic has had is enormous. However, fashion being a creative art at its core, the fashion industry is one that will continue to find ways to rebuild and thrive.

Fashion Week takes place in major cities around the world at for each of the major seasonal collections. With a pandemic around the globe that limits our abilities to connect in person and gather in groups, this September’s Spring/Summer Collection shows are facing unique challenges. New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks are kicking off beginning in New York this weekend. Each designer and brand is deciding individually how to best showcase their collections be it with a runway show with limited attendees, a virtual show, or simply a release of brand images. The lineup in New York is extremely lean compared to prior years which appears to show that many of the designers are sticking to prior statements about rethinking seasonal collections entirely as well as how they are shown. In Paris, the schedule does look similar to prior years, though. Many of the designers abroad are in areas that have less exposure to the virus currently and are still set to have reduced attendance.

Here in Kansas City, Fashion Week is going 100% virtual September 24-26th. Designers will be showing their collections over three nights and tickets are available now so that you can attend no matter where you are! Click here to get your tickets now and join me for the shows! I’ll be going live on Instagram each night to talk through the looks and collections with you, answer questions, talk trends, and more!

Regardless of what this season’s fashion week looks like, the creative minds and brands behind it are showing that there is still beauty and light to be shown even in difficult times.

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