The 10 Things That Make Me Happy – A KC LadyGang Weekend

January 20, 2020


This weekend I had the joy of experiencing a KC LadyGang event at Frankie & Jules in Olathe, KS! This is a unique women’s networking event that brings together ladies from across the KC metro to meet, chat, and bond. This was especially fun for me because I got to chat with ladies that I hadn’t seen in years and also meet new gorgeous girls and get to know them.


One of the guest speakers at the event was Molly Buchanan aka @crowninggloryblog , who I had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago at Sip, Style, Shop KC. I love following Molly on social media for her positive vibes and fun sense of style. Hearing her share stories of her past struggles and how she became that beacon of positivity was truly inspiring! One of the things she talked about and encouraged us to do was make a list of the 10 things that make each of us happy. On a down day, it is a great resource to have at hand either on your phone or printed out on your desk at work so that you can take a moment to focus on or do one of those items on your list and turn your day around.

I wanted to share mine with you all to get you thinking about the 10 things that make YOU happy, bring you joy in your day, or inspire you towards a more positive energy. Here we go!

  1. Starbucks Chai Tea Latte w/ Almond Milk 
  2. Loving on my pugs – All dogs bring me joy, but none so much as my own little crazies.
  3. Yoga – My go-to for calm in my body and mind.
  4. TACOS! + Chips and salsa and/or queso with Drew (it’s our #1 date night).
  5. Pride & Prejudice – I just reread the novel, but the movie starring Keira Knightley is my all-time favorite. I watch it whenever I am sick or having a rough day because it makes me smile.
  6. Burning a candleDW Home’s Birthday Cake to be specific. I love the scent and how it has a long burn time without being overwhelming.
  7. Making a to-do list – Guessing that making a list isn’t usually on someone’s top 10 list….but I have always been a list-maker. It helps me get organized and ready to tackle the world! Plus, when I have things down on paper in front of me I feel more calm about the millions of things I want to get done.
  8. Smelling fresh flowers – Having fresh flowers around the house is something I absolutely love. I don’t often have flowers around the house, but when I do I find myself stopping by them for a deep breath and feel re-energized as I exhale.
  9. Making a favorite meal while listening to Sinatra – My husband has come home to find me listening to a Sinatra playlist while I cook many times and I have no shame in it! I love making us a meal we both enjoy and having fun while I do.
  10. Fashion Week – Need I say more? There’s not much I love more than a great fashion show!

Take a few moments to jot down 10 things that make you smile and add more as you find them! Give yourself the freedom to enjoy those things when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or have a not-so-great day/week. Use them to hit your internal ‘refresh’ button and bring the positivity back on in!


Outfit Details: 

White Long Sleeve / Target

Ripped ‘Mom’ Jeans / American Eagle 

Tan Booties / Target (I grabbed this pair over a year ago, but found a similar pair here)

Necklaces: Pink Crystal / NatureMadeByNic , Paloma Picasso ‘B’ / Tiffany & Co. (no longer available but I found an exact match on Amazon here) , Evil Eye / Amazon

Plaid Coat / Avec Les Filles (Sold out, but I found this one for less on Amazon!)


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