THE Life-Changing Laundry Hack You Need Now

October 11, 2019

I am not really sure what I was doing before I learned this easy life hack from my sister. We all have those moments when we pull something out of the washing machine to find that our favorite sweater now has a pull in it or a bra now seems to have become a contortionist act with the cup being strangled by it’s own straps. The answer to this problem and the best way I have found to inject more longevity into your clothes is simple: laundry pouches. Believe me, I know this sounds weird, but this has been the best Amazon purchase I think I have made….maybe ever. I found a set from Amazon that come in a variety of sizes to protect your favorite garments as they wash. The material of the pouches is soft and extremely breathable to allow the item within to be washed as though it weren’t being covered but provides the protection needed to ensure that tangling and tears are a thing of the past. After washing a few different items in these, I have found this to be the safest and most effective way to wash and protect my bras, knit sweaters, scarves with fringe ends, and more. I highly recommend these as a way to ensure that the money you invest in your closet does not go to waste.

Laundry Pouches Available On Amazon

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