Sweater Weather Has Arrived!

September 14, 2020

A few years ago I stumbled onto The Pink Lily’s site and fell in love with their sweaters. I have a couple of their sweaters and sweatshirts and get SO MANY compliments on them. Plus, they are some of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I own.


This fall, Pink Lily’s options do not disappoint. I’ve rounded up my favorites and am sharing them below for you to shop! Whether you are after chic and comfy knits or cozy sweatshirts, I’m sharing the best of their options for the cooler months ahead so that you look and feel your best. 


img_4392Knit sweaters are great for when you want to look chic but still be comfortable. Basically, it looks like you put in the effort with minimal effort actually exerted. Absolutely perfect for fall and for my lazy style. 



Sweatshirts are my JAM. I absolutely live in sweatshirts from the minute the the weather allows. Usually I keep it to after work and on the weekend, but now that I’m working from home full-time, I can wear them so much more! I’ll take a plain sweatshirt, but the graphic versions are my favorite. Pink Lily’s are super soft, have great graphic options, and have sleeves that are long enough for my long arms (which I get is odd, but makes such a difference to me). In short, they are about as perfect as they can get. 

weekend sweatshirt

Click the pics above to shop the links for any of the sweaters or sweatshirts you see plus a few other faves. Happy Sweater Weather!


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