The Most Chic St. Patty’s Day

March 9, 2019

This year for St. Patrick’s Day consider opting out of the cheesy, gimmicky green ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ tee and donning something with a little more chic (and a little less cheek). Dressing for a holiday does not have to mean wasting your hard-earned money on cheaply made items made just for this one particular day of the year. Instead, try two easy things:

1. Shop your closet! What do you already have that incorporates greens that work for your skin tone? Hint: Evergreen (deeper greens) work on nearly everyone in a way that lime and bright greens don’t.

2. If you’re heading out to look for a cute outfit for the day of fun, get something that actually incorporates into your existing wardrobe and that you will wear time and again throughout the year. Consider grabbing one of these cuties to do St. Patty’s Green in style:

Every one of these items would work within your closet for any other day of the year but gives you a super cute look for the green holiday this month without being gaudy. Personally, my eye is on that maxi dress….be right back…I need to go grab one. 🙂

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