Stay Home And Still Have Fun!

April 11, 2020

We are all figuring out what works for us during this time at home. Whether you are after an activity to keep yourself busy or lounge on the couch, I’ve rounded up some of the best options from Etsy’s many small businesses. These options are handmade with love from people like you and me that are doing their best during a very tough time. Supporting them is a great way to help a small business while also discovering fun ways to spend your time at home.

Freshen Up Your Home

Whether your home office needs a refresh or you are just looking to add some fun decor, these are gorgeous, chic home pieces to brighten up the space around you:

Wood Floating Shelves

Wood Floating Shelves.png

These are a great way to add great-looking storage to your home. I’m always looking for a good organizations project and this fits the bill.

Vogue Covers Canvas Prints

Vogue Covers Canvas Posters.png

I’m obsessed with these 1950’s Vogue covers! The vintage photos make beautiful wall art for an office, closet, bedroom, or anywhere else!

Keep Yourself Busy With A Fun Art Project

DIY Earring Kit

DIY Earrings Kit.png

This is a fun way to spend your time and to share it with someone you love. Whether you make them for others or make them with a daughter or sister staying home with you, these are a great way to spend your time on something that yields you a chic result.

Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers for adults.png

Hear me out on this one! While this may seem like a kid’s activity, it is actually super fun as an adult to spend a few minutes painting. It is a major stress reliever and the result is something you can hang for all to see. No matter what it looks like when you are done, you made something!

Write It Out

‘One Day At A Time’ Daily Planner 

Daily Planner.png

My planner holds my life in it and I would be a mess without one. I love this daily planner for keeping things organized but also for setting goals and reflecting on accomplishments/challenges.

Custom Stationary

Custom Stationary.png

I could not believe how adorable this custom stationary from A Thing Created is when I found it. There are a number of different fashion illustrations available in differing colors (including hair color) as well as the option to add your name or monogram to the card. I love writing and receiving handwritten cards. It shows that someone has taken the time to communicate in a personal way. Plus, this makes doing that so much prettier!

Cute & Comfy Lounging

Homebody Sweatshirt

Homebody Sweatshirt.png

Too flipping cute! I had my eye on this sweatshirt a few months ago, but now it seems just that much more topical. Plus, it is on sale!

Celine-Inspired Tee


Every time I wear this t-shirt I get a ton of compliments and questions on it. I grabbed it from Etsy a few years ago and the vendor I purchased from is no longer on the site. However, I found this option that looks identical.

How are you choosing to spend your time these days? Show me what you’re up to at home over on Instagram!


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