Life-Saving Items Every Fashionista Should Have

March 30, 2019

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. I’m sharing the tools I keep handy to make sure that I have the help I need to make my outfits look their best!

Fashion Tape (AKA the secret to every celebrity look that defies gravity)

Fashion tape is a super simple concept in that it is just double-side tape. The adhesive used is slightly different than your average tape from the office supply store in that it is made to adhere to fabric and to skin without causing issues to either. It’s the perfect way to make sure that your top stays where you want it to, that low-cut dress lays just so, and there is no gapping in your button up from the girls (bigger-chested ladies may not see 100% success depending on the fit of the top, but it’s worth the try!).

Needle and Thread

If you never learned how to sew, don’t let that stop you! A small rip at the seam of your clothes can be easily fixed with minimal sewing skills. Sewing needles are inexpensive and can be found at spots like Michael’s or Target. I would recommend a few colors of string (again very inexpensive) depending on what your predominant colors are in your wardrobe. To make it that much easier, Target has a pack of sewing needles and assorted threads that already threaded for you! YouTube also has easy-to-follow videos on how to thread a needle if you are new to this, but basic idea is to thread one end of the string through the hole, or eye, of the needle and then knot the other end. Then fix up your torn item without paying someone for the repair! (Caution: if the item in question is higher quality or a more difficult fabric, you may want to discuss with a tailor.)


A de-piller is your best friend when it comes to sweaters or even upholstery items like your couch. Once you turn on the hand-held, you move the protected razor over the pills (little fabric balls) on the fabric. Trust me. The first time you do this you will think you have gained magical powers.

Dry Sponge

Random, right? A dry sponge can be used to get deodorant marks off of fabric! Amazon even has one from Hollywood that is made just for this purpose!

Lint Roller

This one is a little self-explanatory. Those of you with sweet fur babies likely have a stock of these laying around. However, lint rollers are also great for removing their original target: lint! Either way, these lint rollers have been the best I’ve ever used. They are reusable too!

Have a lifesaving tool in your toolkit? Share it in a comment!

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