Your Guide To Giving The BEST Gifts

December 9, 2018

With all of the holidays in the later part of the year, this time has quickly become our “gift-giving season”. I’m going to share with you a few things to consider when planning and shopping for gifts during this time (and any time of the year) to make your life a little easier.

1. Make A List And Check It Twice

Write out a list of those who you are wanting to give to. This can even include those who may just receive a card. Review your budget and determine (roughly) how much each gift should cost to fit within that amount. (Psst! For budgeting tips, click here.)

2. What Are Your Faves?

Next to each person, brainstorm a quick list of their likes. This can be simple things like sports, makeup, etc. This gets your brain moving towards what to get that individual based on their tastes as opposed to being sucked into buying simply to buy while out in the masses.

3. Give It Life!

I love the idea of making a gift themed. My husband is a huge sports fan and early into our relationship I picked out a team he loves and built his gift around that. For example, he loves soccer. So when thinking of gifts for him one year, I bought him a sweatshirt and scarf from Sporting Kansas City’s team apparel and wrapped it all up in blue and white (colors within their logo) and included tickets to an upcoming game. He loved the sweatshirt alone so the tickets were the icing on the cake. Giving that experience created memories that we share to this day.

A theme could be more simple, too. Let’s say your coworker loves puppies and even has a few of her own. Even with a smaller budget you could get her a dog toy, too it with a ribbon, and put it in a coffee mug that reads “dog mom” filled with little dog biscuits for her pups or candy for her. Little moments like this can show that you care about her and her interests and that can make a huge impact in her day.

The biggest thing to remember when giving gifts is that the old expression holds true still: it is the thought that counts. Put true thought into the gifts you give to anyone in your world and, regardless of the money spent, it will mean much more.

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