July Home Build Update

July 26, 2020


Now that we are seeing progress with the home build, I am getting more and more excited! Which also means that I am doing my best to curb my impatience because I want it to be ready…well, now.

Thanks to the weather here in Kansas, the crew wasn’t able to lay the foundation in the basement his week. Hoping the weather cooperates and that they will be done with the concrete this coming week because framing will come next!


In the meantime, I have started buying for the new house. Shocking, I know. Drew is only surprised it didn’t start any sooner. I’m doing my very best to keep the purchases to things that we would use now that we are wanting for the new house too. For example, I found these wire storage bins that I am currently packing into my apartment pantry.

Metal Storage Baskets

They are going to look a whole lot better in the huge white, walk-in pantry, but for now, they are doing the job of helping me keep things organized. These are available in 3- or 6-count and are even stackable! They are a great size for organizing chips, produce, or anything else in your pantry, bathroom, laundry room, etc.


The bigger purchase I have been eyeing and had no intention of making before the move were these counter-height barstools. I have had them in my Amazon cart for months and realized the price goes up and down. So the last time I saw them drop, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on them. I could not be more happy with the way they look in the apartment now! Plus, I can look at them and dream about how pretty they will be in an all white kitchen. (They come in a set of 2.)

counter height bar stools.png

A recent trip to Home Goods also led to a random purchase like that: bed pillows. We tried out ‘charcoal pillows’ and replaced the ones we already had on our bed that we’d been using for an embarrassing number of years. WELL! Drew no longer snores now that we are using them! This may be the most exciting life development of the year! They are plush and comfortable and I can’t recommend them enough. I found standard sized pillows and have since found king sized pillows, too. Since I can’t link them for you to check out from Home Goods, I’m linking the next best thing: Macy’s.


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