Taking ‘Me Time’ Is Anything But Selfish

February 3, 2020

Too often people seem to approach saying ‘no’ to plans or carving out solo time as being a negative thing. We are constantly bombarded with social media posts seeing people going and doing 24/7 so the pressure to keep up is continual. While it is great to get out and explore your city and spend time with loved ones, you should also make time for yourself. Checking in on your mental well-being is a hugely important part of your overall health. This can be as simple as spending a few moments in the morning grabbing your favorite coffee, curling up with a good book, or turning off your phone and watching an old movie.

Recently, I shared with you all that I deal with anxiety (specifically Social Anxiety Disorder). I find that I have to commit myself to “me time” more often in order to have a sense of calm in my day to day. I look for at least 15-30 minutes in any day to just sit and relax or practice yoga. Those moments re-energize my mind because it is like hitting the refresh button. With as much as we all have going on in our lives, that ‘deep breathe moment’ is vital.

Without those times, my stressors continue to build internally until they erupt. For me, that looks like a high-stress, frazzled day where I can’t focus or calm down and feeling like I’m almost making myself sick from the panicky level of anxiety that forms. We all have our breaking points, but taking time to be mindful and relax can help us to avoid hitting those moments or bad days.

I challenge you to make the time for YOU regardless of if you have kids running around, paperwork piling up, or any other ‘adulting’ to do. Whether it is once a week or once a day, making the time to reconnect with you can have a profound effect on your overall well-being.


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