5 Ways To Dress Up Your Home For A Cozy Fall

September 7, 2020

It can be easier and less expensive than you think to dress up your home for the fall or for any season. An accent here or there is all you need to bring the season into your home and make it a cozy, inviting sanctuary for sweater weather. If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my stories lately, you’ll know that I’m going a little crazy this year with fall/Halloween decor shopping. I have been on the hunt for goodies for the last week or so as stores have been starting to stock their shelves. I’ve been able to snag a few knick knacks, but really there are a few key pieces that make my house feel like it is ready for fall and I’m sharing them with you below!

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Dress Up Your Doorway!

fall wreath.png

Your front door is the first impression people have of your home, so why no make it feel like it is dressed for the occasion? I love wreaths starting in the fall and going through Christmas. This one from Target is the perfect wreath for the fall months even through Thanksgiving!

Shopping Tip: Be careful with wreaths! They can be surprisingly pricey. If you aren’t wanting to spend too much, my advice is to hold off until the end of the season and snag one on clearance. I have done that in years past with my Christmas wreaths and stored them for the following year. I am using a brand new wreath and no one knows it was purchased at a discount!

Change Up Your Pillow Game
orange buffalo plaid pillows.png

Pillowcases are one of the most simple and easy ways to change the look of a room. Whether your couch or your bed, adding a pop of color or pattern can change the mood of the entire room and give it a fresh feel for fall. The great part about buying cases vs season-specific pillows is that once you have some solid pillow inserts you can grab whichever cases you like and change them out any time! If the pattern or color isn’t something you love anymore, you just swap out the case for something more on trend!

Hello, Pumpkin!

white decorative pumpkins

Maybe the most obvious way to decorate for fall is with pumpkins. Even if you aren’t on the pumpkin spice bandwagon (I’m definitely NOT) you can enjoy pumpkins large and small around your home. I love having pumpkins inside and outside around my home starting in mid-September to get me into the fall feels. In the last few years, pumpkins have been given a second life in the decor world as they are now in every color combo, patterned, and even in different textures and fabrics. I like to keep it simple with white or orange for fall and black for Halloween.

Shopping Tip: If you hit up your Target Bullseye section or the Halloween aisles, you are likely to find some mini pumpkins right about now! Fresh pumpkins are always the more natural alternative if you are ok with keeping them around for about a month before having to pitch them.

Throw A Blanket On It

knit sweater blanket

Throws are literally everywhere in my home. This knit sweater fleece throw is my newest favorite. It comes in an oversized option that makes it perfect and a blanket to curl up on the couch with loved ones or to use on your bed as a comforter. (Also comes in white and black as well as the gray option shown above.)

Shopping Tip: If you aren’t in the financial position (or in a place that has enough storage space) to have multiple comforters, consider buying one that is reversible or grab a duvet cover. I have a reversible comforter that I use throughout the year that I found years ago on Wayfair (not shopping there currently so I am linking a similar option from Kohl’s here – I’m definitely grabbing the buffalo check pattern!) so that I can change up the color depending on my mood or the season by just flipping it over!

Use The Power Of Scent

dw home candle.png

Making your home look like fall is one thing, but take it to the next level by making it SMELL like it too! DW Home candles are my go-to brand. I am a die-hard fan of theirs and won’t buy any others. They have a longer burn time than any other candle brand, including White Home/Bath and Body Works, and cost less! No matter what time of year, you will likely find one of their scents burning around my house. I love switching them up depending on the season and fall brings some real goodies! One of my favorites is this Apple Honey Butter. I mean…the description of it says ‘brown sugar glazed apples blended with warm cinnamon’. Tell me what is more ‘fall’ than that!

Shopping Tip: These are often available at Home Goods, Marshall’s, or TJMaxx! Check their candle stock and you will find different scents randomly, but they usually carry the seasonal scents just like DW Home’s website.

You can shop these fall items and more with me on LikeToKnow.it here!


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