Abercrombie Shopping Trip (Yes, Really)

August 6, 2021

Y’ALL. This is not a drill. If you haven’t been to Abercrombie in recent years, they have stepped up their game. Highest on my list of great purchases? Literally any of their leggings. I have been SO impressed with the quality of fabric, comfort, and look of them. I am going to see how they hold up over time and from washing more, but so far they are in contention to replace my Lululemon leggings.

Here are some of the other goodies from my Abercrombie haul, including the leggings that are BETTER THAN LULULEMON:

Summer Romper

This is so easy to dress up or down, throw a jacket over it. I’m sold on rompers after this one!

Biker Short Legging

I’d previously purchased some bike shorts from Amazon and didn’t love the look of them due to their longer length. This pair? Perfect. And you cannot beat the super soft feel of this fabric. You will absolutely want to live in them. I initially just got this black pair, but went back for the beige pair, too.

Lightweight Knit Sweater

I’m a sucker for a sweater at any time of year. Now I just need it to be a smidge cooler in the evenings so I can break this one.

Knit Sweater Tank

I had been after one of these for a bit and have been very happy with it. This will transition nicely from summer to fall with a jacket over it, too.


OK! I did a whole post about Lululemon leggings and how soft and comfy they are…then I found these leggings from Abercrombie. The fabric is somehow softer than the Lululemon aligns and (so far) isn’t pilling like they do. I pretty certain these are going to be my go-to leggings moving forward!

This shacket comes in a few color variations including the dusty rose pictured, white, off-white, and blue. I went with a Medium to get the perfect oversized fit on me (I’m 5’6 and 145 lbs).

Seriously, giving Abercrombie a try has been a game-changer for my closet. I’m very impressed!






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