Do What Makes You Happy

April 20, 2020

During all of this time at home, so many people are posting on social media all about the workouts they’re doing, the amazing food they’re cooking, or the millions of projects they’re doing. While those are fantastic accomplishments, it is important to remember that what you are doing to fulfill yourself and spend your time is enough regardless of what others are doing.

I’ve had days like yesterday where I get a million and one things done; cleaning basically my entire house, doing all the laundry, reading a novel, working on learning sign language, reviewing some French, doing yoga. That’s a ton! But today, I’ve done squat. I worked, drove through Chick Fil A’s drive thru, and sat on the couch watching Schitt’s Creek. And that’s ok!! It’s important to listen to your body and your mind and cater your day to what they’re telling you they need in that moment.

Clearly being outside in the gorgeous weather we are finally having has been a big part of my days lately. I have so enjoyed getting out into the fresh air and sun with the pugs for walks on the trails near our house. It does the mind and body good to simply walk outside in the sun.

No matter what extreme you’re on or how you’re choosing to move through this time, make sure you’re doing things that bring you joy. Listen to what your body (and mind) tells you it needs each day and know that whatever that is, it is enough.

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