Mood-Boarding To Drive Your Creative Energy

April 17, 2020

If you’ve never made a mood board for your office space or another area of the house, you may want to jump on it. A mood board is a collection of things that inspire you. It is a ‘living’ piece in that it can (and should) change with your energy, the season, etc. I usually go with a change for the season to get me thinking about what to wear. Pinterest is a great online way to do this, but it doesn’t sit in your home in a place you’ll see.


Creating your own mood board is much easier than you might think. You don’t have to use a cork board like the one above (shop here). If you don’t have one, think about using your fridge and creating a space on it that you would see every day to inspire you!

Content: I have a bunch of magazine subscriptions that I receive monthly. As I read through them, I rip out pictures or words that inspire me and save them to use later on my board. Postcards (I use vintage Vogue cover post cards for mine), bookmarks, pins, pictures, my KC Fashion Week media pass, jewelry, etc. all get used to create a collage of inspiration. I also keep all of these and rotate them in and out depending on my mood or the time of year.

Bottom line, use what makes you smile, brings you joy, inspires you, or just makes you happy to look at. Put things together on your board and keep in a place within your home that you will see each morning or throughout your day to continually reignite that joy and inspiration.


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