Fall Free People Pieces Worth The Price Tag…And Some That Were Not

August 19, 2022

I have always loved an oversized look. It probably explains why sweatshirts are my go-to on a daily basis. A few years ago, I discovered the Free People brand but have only just recently plunked down the cash for their pieces. I dipped my toes in the water with a sweater that was on sale after seeing it on an influencer I follow. It arrived and became one of my absolute favorites for fall and winter! I have since kept going back to the brand on their site and on Nordstrom’s site to find the pieces I want, and then I’ve kept an eye out for the prices drops or sales to hit.

This summer with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I went a little more wild with grabbing Free People. Since I’ve been choosey about the brand due to the price, I decided to share what pieces I do love and haven’t returned! There have definitely been a few items that I received and returned; I didn’t care for the fabric or fit once I tried them so back they went.

Personally, I have fallen in love with the brand’s shirts, sweaters, and jackets because the sleeve length is longer than any other brand I have found. I prefer to have the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt be decently passed my wrists; if it hits nearer to my thumb that is basically perfect in my brain. Plus, they are usually an oversized fit that is ideal with jeans or leggings.

These are the pieces I’ve bought and my honest thoughts after wearing them. Some I love for fall that I feel were worth the price I paid for them. Others…..maybe not so much.

Early Night Thermal

I wear this around the house almost every night! I love it so much that I really want to get another color in addition to the black one I have. It isn’t too thick so it is perfect for wearing with a pair of boyshorts or pj shorts while lounging.

Flawless Hooded Denim Jacket

This was by far the most expensive Free People piece I’ve purchased. I paid full price for it earlier this year before I gave birth to Beckham. It was awesome in the last few months of my pregnancy when the weather was starting to transition to spring, and (bonus!) I have had so many compliments on it when I’ve worn it both during and after pregnancy. It is the perfect oversized jacket to throw on. This one was worth the full price for the shear number of times I’ve worn it already.

Ruby Jacket

After loving the denim jacket so much, I sprung for this one more recently. It is basically an oversized shacket. I do love the fit, but the color I chose (pictured above and called Stone) is still growing on me. I am waiting for cooler temps to try this one with different outfits, but worry I should have gone with a different color like the light gray since this arrived more beige than I expected. So far I do wish I had waited for this one to be on sale, but I have been eyeing it for over a year and haven’t seen the price be reduced or a sale on it in that time.

Summer Daydream Tunic

Honest review time with this one. I got this one because of the oversized fit in a button up style, but the unfinished edges are an issue if you don’t wash this in a laundry bag. I made the mistake of washing it the first time with everything else in my hamper and then dried it in the dryer (since the fabric is ok to do so). It came out fraying like crazy and I had to spend time trimming every single edge. This one is cute, but I would not spend the full price on it again.

Owen Thermal

I liked this one so much I bought it in a second color. Perfect slouchy look for fall whether you are out and about or staying in. So far, their thermals are an A+.

And here are a few items I would love to snag:

Equinox Pullover

Give me an oversized sweatshirt any day and I’m thrilled, but add in that it is a v-neck and we’re really in business!

Anakin Thermal

Haven’t quite fallen in love with the collared shirts that are popping up this season, but I do have my eye on this one.

Camden Sweatshirt

I love the sleeve detail on this one! Crew neck sweaters and sweatshirts are my favorite, too.


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