Weekend Update

December 15, 2019

It’s 3pm when I’m writing this and I have no shame for the fact that I’m in the sweats I put on at 7am (no bra) and have been pretty much glued to Flea Market Flip all day while I have been researching spots in NYC to visit. That’s right! This girl just booked herself a vacation! I rarely travel and usually when I do it is to see family and my pugs come along. My husband and I have only been on one vacay together just the two of us….that was our honeymoon. So, to celebrate 8 (!) years together, we booked a trip to New York City for 2020!

The Painted Sofa KC

Sign is from The Painted Sofa in Kansas City’s West Bottoms district.

After taking the plunge on Friday and booking our flights, I spent today looking through hotel prices and reviews before finally landing on one that I’m going to dream about until we actually go (and likely continue to dream about it long after). Since booking that around lunchtime, I have been going down rabbit holes on Google looking at different restaurants to try and places to see. If you have a spot you have found and love, let me know!

With Drew at today’s Chiefs game, I’ve had a relaxing day of couch-surfing with the pugs. Even though there are little things around the house I should likely be doing, sometimes it is best to simply take some time to sit and enjoy; enjoy the company of your pets/your significant other/friends, enjoy the snow falling outside your window, or enjoy a marathon of a TV show. After knocking out a ton of errands yesterday (with little miss Bellatrix), today was about relaxing before the work week ahead. No makeup, lots of snuggles, and the blinds opened to watch the snow fall with nowhere to be but right here at home = the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Bella the black pug at Target

Bellatrix, my 3-yr old baby girl

How did you spend your weekend? Share how you relax or enjoyed your time this weekend in the comments!




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