The Fashion Download – January 2023

March 6, 2023

Welcome to the very first Life Without Louboutins Fashion Download! Each month, I’ll be bringing you the highlights of news from the fashion world to grab at a glance. Links will be provided to the full story so you can always dive in deeper to anything that peeks your interest, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to dazzle others with your knowledge of what’s going on in at a high level!

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Vivienne Westwood died Dec 29, 2022, at the age of 81

The legendary designer known for her glam rock style has sadly passed. The fashion community showed immense sadness at her passing and shared tributes, including video interviews and runway shows of her defying the times and trailblazing her way through decades of designing for the bold and daring.

Adidas Sues Thom Browne Over Stripes

In one of the more interesting lawsuits in recent years, Adidas filed suit against Thom Browne for trademark infringement and requested damages up to 8 million dollars. They sited a recent collection that luxury brand Thom Browne had released that included a number of items with four stripes. Adidas noted that the design too closely resembled their three-stripe signature and caused confusion to customers. However, they lost the suit against the CFDA Chairman and his brand as it was proven that was not the case and the two brands were not in direct competition nor were the four stripes causing lost revenue for Adidas.

Awards Season Has Arrived

The Golden Globes and Emmys red carpets have already taken place as we pace through awards season. The grand finale is always sure to be the Oscars, which take place March 12th this year. For all of the top red carpet looks, be sure to follow along HERE on Pinterest.

NYFW Schedule Released – CFDA

Fashion week is coming! February marks the beginning of fashion week with New York’s beginning February 10th followed by London, Milan, and Paris. The New York calendar has been released HERE.

2023 Met Gala Dress Code Announced

I cannot wait for this year’s Met Gala! The First Monday in May is sure to be a show-stopping even as the dress code has been released. Previously, the theme had been announced as ‘ ‘. Now, we have the corresponding dress code of ‘In Honor Of Karl’ to go along with it. There had better be glamour and fingerless gloves all over this carpet!

Nike x Tiffany’s Collab Coming March 7th

We may not have asked for it, but the universe is gifting us with a luxury collab between Tiffany & Co. and Nike. The line will be released for sale on March 7th and the companies have begun to share teasers on their social media platforms already. These Nike collabs go fast. The Nike x Dior sold out within days of the drop, so if you are after a pair, you better ‘just do it’ the second they hit the market.

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