Couture Week Trends For Fall & How To Shop Them Now

July 17, 2022

Couture collections are by far the height of the fashion world. That also means they have the highest of price tags. While most of us can’t afford to dabble in shopping the latest couture looks for this fall, we can look to those collections for the trends and shop them within our own budgets.

This season there were a few trends that stuck out most to me that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe if you are after the look from the runway.

Remember! When you are shopping, if an item is ‘trendy’ you likely won’t wear it for more than a few months. If it is a ‘classic’ or ‘iconic’ look that has stood the test of time, it is likely worth more of an investment. If you know you’ll only wear something a handful of times in the span of owning it, opt for a more budget-friendly version like from Target. Consider spending that little bit more for a piece you’ll wear for years to come.

Bejeweled Glam

Across collections, a theme that I loved was crystals. There were beaded crystals sewn into gowns, dripping from skirts, or making a meshwork pair of pants. It felt fun and girly in a way we haven’t seen from collections in recent seasons. (Note: this would be your trendy item that you aren’t as likely to wear on the regular!)

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Black and White 

Classic and elegant. The stark contrast of black and white is something that is so effortless to pull off in an ensemble, but creates a beautiful impact. This never goes out of style!

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It has only been in the last few years that I’ve come around to wearing hats myself, but this season’s chic runway looks have me really pushing to wear them. I especially love the straw hat take from Schiaparelli.

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