Post-Closet Cleanout

June 13, 2019

“What do I do with all the clothes I don’t want anymore??”

Just because your clothes may not fit your current style doesn’t mean they won’t fit someone else’s! We are all facing different phases in our lives and have uniquely distict ways of dressing to express ourselves. Give your clothes a chance at a second life in another wardrobe!

If you are looking to do just that (a clean-up of your closet), here are some ideas on what to do with the few items or few bags of items that no longer fit your style. 


This site/app is built specifically for selling your gently loved clothing from your favorite brands. It allows you to follow friends or popular sellers that often list the brands you love. They even have events that are full of a specific type of clothing or a certain brand that they’ll notify you about! That makes it a great place not only to sell items, but also to shop for new ones! Plus, they make the shipping process really easy for sellers. You print the label and head to your nearest post office to pop it into a free box and send it to its new home! One con to note (especially for those used to eBay): you send the item to the buyer who then has 3 days from the day they receive it to mark it as “accepted”. Once they do, you get paid for the item.

Facebook Marketplace

Plenty of groups exist on Facebook for the sole purpose of swapping/selling items to others in your own community and it’s probably already on your phone anyway. You can list items for a set price and post it to groups in your area or your friends and family on Facebook to purchase from you. You can offer shipping on these posts if you want to for an additional fee to the buyer.


AKA the classic. eBay is still a great resource for selling items that no longer work for you. I have had success with everything from clothes to decor to books over the years. Unlike Poshmark, your items are in an auction-style sale on eBay, so you may start lower in the hope of selling higher but you do run a risk with that.

Salvation Army or Goodwill

If you don’t have the time or don’t care to spend the energy on a seller’s site, every community has a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or similar charity that accepts donations of clothing and other goods. Do a quick search for the one nearest you and they’ll even give you a receipt for your donation to apply to your taxes at the end of the year!

Drop Boxes

Many communities have started to post drop boxes in parking lots or at gas stations where you can donate clothes/shoes or soft goods to be given to those in need. They are usually brightly colored and about the same size as a Redbox so they are easy to spot, but you do have to be on the lookout as it is hard to search online for where these are unless you know the charity that has them in your community. 

Closet Swap Party!

I think I have saved the most fun for last! If your girlfriends are in the same boat as you, why not have a party to swap clothes! Make a girls’ night of trying on each other’s pieces and swapping items among yourselves? Anything left at the end of the night can be taken as one large donation or you can take the party to the streets with a community garage sale or closet sale!

Just remember the old phrase: one man’s (or woman’s!) trash is another man’s treasure. The item may no longer fit you or match your style, but it may be something that someone else will love.

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