Happy Birthday To Me!

February 14, 2020

As many of you know, I am a big proponent of taking time to connect with yourself; taking ‘me’ time. In the last few years, I have started to use my birthday as a way to really take that to the next level. This past Sunday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday! While that may not be a glam number like 21 in that nothing ‘exciting’ happens, every year it is a day just for me and that is all the glam and special I need!

A few weeks ago, Drew asked what I wanted or wanted to do for my day. I had just finished writing down the 10 things that make me happy after being given the advice to do so at the recent KC LadyGang event (more info here). So when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do for my birthday, I started with those 10 happy things and made a list of what I would want to do on days that were all about doing what brings me joy.

First of all, I took 2 days off work: Friday for a little alone time to do some things just for me and Monday to spend time with Drew. I packed in so much love and fun into the weekend that I am still on a high!



I was able to sleep in just a little past my normal workday routine, shower, and get into a cozy look before heading out for Starbucks on my way to the West Bottoms in downtown KC. For First Friday Weekends, I head down to the West Bottoms for some shopping at two of my favorite spots: Bella Patina and The Painted Sofa. Between the two I got to check out antiques, handmade pieces, home decor, and fashion all from local vendors I love. An afternoon yoga sesh followed before dinner with friends at KC Taco Co in the River Market District.


After spending the morning getting my hair done, Drew and I met his parents in the Crossroads for lunch and the Strawberry Swing event at Parlour. Can’t beat great vendors, good food, and amazing company!

Sunday – My actual birthday!


My sister, Slaney, had been out of town until today, so the biggest item on the agenda for the day was just a little time with her. Since Drew and I are starting to look into building a new house, the three of us checked out a new housing development before getting sushi. MY FIRST TIME EVER TRYING SUSHI! I’m addicted already. It was so good! We finished up the day by meeting up with friends to show each other how terrible we all are at bowling.

Monday was very exciting because we 1. had nothing we had to or wanted to do and 2. found a fantastic neighborhood that is a strong contender for building a new home! Days later it is all I am thinking about! If we are able to find a builder and area we love, I will be sure to share the process with you all here on the blog as well as on my Insta.


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