Easy DIY Re-Usable Halloween Tote

October 4, 2023

While out shopping recently, I saw a canvas tote bag for Halloween intended for kids to use while trick-or-treating. It was so cute, but I just didn’t love the colors…or the price tag. So I decided to tackle my first ‘parent project’ and made one myself for Beckham! I had a great time making it and it cost me a fraction of the price that I would have paid in that store. It’s as simple as gathering a few items from your local craft store (I went to Michael’s) and doing a little doodling.


Blank canvas tote

Piece of cardboard

Fabric paint marker

Steps to create your Halloween tote: 

With Beckham only being a year and a half, this was a solo craft for mama, but this would be a fun craft to do with older kiddos!

You can find a Reels video of this project HERE.


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