Your Next Summer Look

This may very well be the perfect summer dress! Amazon has really stepped up their fashion game and this is proof. Plus, you cannot beat the price for such a chic dress. I am so in love with mine already! Grab one (in any of the prints/colors available) now before they are gone!

New Sweater Obsession!

I have fallen so in love with this Zaful sweater and have to share it with you! I didn't share one of my other sweaters quickly enough and it sold out so now I get compliments every time I wear it and can't share where to get it with anyone. Not happening here! This sweater... Continue Reading →

How Shopping Local Saves The Day

I don't know about you, but there have been plenty of days when I have shown up to work in either the same or a nearly identical outfit as someone else. You're both in a striped tee or the exact same sweater from Target. Obviously if you love that sweater, then wear it and rock... Continue Reading →

Leather Jacket With A Sweet Twist

I absolutely LOVE my leather jackets! I opt for faux leather always, but the material is still super durable and holds up over time. This spring, I have my eye on this embroidered faux leather jacket from Amazon. It is a little ore than I usually spend on a jacket, but the look is worth... Continue Reading →

Step Up Your Shoe Game For Less

Abound Heels Fit For A Duchess - Nordstrom Rack If you have been looking for ways to dress more like Catherine or Meghan (our favorite Duchesses), these heels will help you take your look there! Simple, chic, and surprisingly comfortable, these heels are also super affordable and come in a number of shades including the... Continue Reading →

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