Fashion Week Explained

September 5, 2018

Twice a year, fashion week hits New York, Milan, London, and Paris to show off the newest designer collections. Today marks the beginning of what is actually a month of fashion shows (not a week as advertised) spanning the four cities as hundreds of looks traipse down the runways.

For those of you who are confused about what this time is and what it means for you, here is a breakdown:

1. As mentioned, fashion week is actually a full month of fashion shows spanning 4 cities: New York (Sept 5-14), then London (Sept 14-18), followed by Milan (Sept 19-25), and ending in Paris (Sept 25-Oct 3). Each city hosts shows from designers based in that country over the course of about a week.

2. Fashion week occurs twice a year for the ready-to-wear shows (these are items that would essentially move from the runway and straight to a store for you to purchase) and take place in February and September. In addition to fashion week, there are also couture collections shown at different times throughout the year that are exquisite one-of-kind, handmade pieces that are custom-made for couture clients at a steep price tag. They’re more for inspiration and awe.

3. This month’s shows are the Spring 2019 collections. Designers are showcasing the looks they will be advertising and selling to us in the beginning of 2019. You would think that September’s fashion week would show fall fashion, right? I like to think about fashion week as the industry’s way of giving me a sneak peek at what fun things I get to see and buy in the chic spring months to come. They’re a reminder that even though summer is ending, we’ll get cute little dresses and strappy heels back in just a few shorts months. If you were hoping this week would be here to show you how to plan out your weekend shopping trip for cute fall outfits, you’re out of luck. Fall shows took place back in February. You can always check out some of my favorite highlights from all of the shows (including Fall/Winter 2018) each season on Pinterest.

I absolute love following the shows on Vogue Runway. Their app is a super easy way to check in for the latest shows, find your favorite designers or explore new ones, and pin the looks you love on your own Pinterest board for inspiration. This is my favorite time to do a closet edit and refocus my style!

Happy Fashion Week!

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