How Shopping Local Saves The Day

May 2, 2019

I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of days when I have shown up to work in either the same or a nearly identical outfit as someone else. You’re both in a striped tee or the exact same sweater from Target. Obviously if you love that sweater, then wear it and rock it regardless! But to supplement your great basics and find more unique pieces consider shopping more of your local boutiques!

While some people look at boutique shopping as either too pricey or annoying (“they never have my size!”), I like to flip that script. Pricey is relative and if the quality is there and you’ll wear the piece forever, then the item’s cost per wear will make it worth the upfront cost. And when it comes to the limited sizes, that is the best part! Stay with me on this. Limited stock means less people will have it meaning you’re way less likely to show up to Saturday’s party in the same dress as the hostess. Plus, if you love an item or have something special you are after, talk to the owner! So often the owner or manager does all of the ordering and buying for the location and can act as your stylist in a sense; snagging you the size you want, holding it for you, and keeping in touch when something new arrives that she knows you’ll need in your life.

Kansas City is fortunate to be the home of some great local boutiques and restaurants (like the ones pictured above in Lenexa’s new Public Marketplace). Stay tuned while I find my new faves! Happy shopping!

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