Schitt’s Creek Inspired Etsy Haul

April 26, 2020

With all this time at home, I’ve been watching all the things that I had in my Netflix queue or DVR that I never really got around to before. The best thing to come out of that couch time by far has been a new obsession with Schitt’s Creek. Drew and my sister, Slaney, had tried to convince me into watching it sooner, but it didn’t take…until now!

Grab your room key hereand let’s shop!


One of my favorite parts of the series is the fashion choices from Moira and David. They have the quirkiest styles that may not be realistic for most of us in the everyday, but these Etsy finds will!


David’s general store is an aesthetic dream in their small town. I like to think he would be happy with this sweatshirt representing that fine establishment.


If you aren’t quite as obsessed with sweaters as David is, it also comes in this adorable t-shirt version.

David’s black and white M.O. is a mood and I’m here for it. The next few are looks he wore throughout the series.

The ICON sweatshirt


The Nonchalance Sweatshirtil_794xN.2210100033_lvgh

The Parisien Sweatshirtil_794xN.2227760011_ddbx

The Radical Feminist Sweatshirtil_794xN.2226423233_99gd

Alexis is the carefree lady we didn’t know we needed. Her quips at David are a highlight in nearly every episode. From her classic ‘Ew, David!’ to ‘Nom, nom for us, David’ she is a style all her own and these next few are Alexis-inspired goodies:

A Little Bit Alexis


Ew, David!il_794xN.2082667510_o3wa

We can’t forget about Schitt’s Creek’s musical entertainment!


If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek, get in on these jokes with me by watching now! Fair warning though, you’ll want every one of these after you do.

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