Valentine’s-Inspired Chicness That You Can Use All Year

January 31, 2020

Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day is one of the worst holidays. There is so much pressure to have this romantic day with the perfect Prince Charming-type knight in shining armor. But the truth is that Valentine’s Day is about love and that includes loving yourself and those in your life who you love whether that is ‘romantic’ or not. Take the day to treat yourself! Do something kind for someone you care about. Gift a girlfriend, daughter, mom, friend, or anyone else!

I pulled together some sweet things that made me think of Valentine’s but that would be a perfect fit any time of year for you or anyone else!

Pearl Embellished Tee

Pearl Embellished Tee.png

So freaking ladylike it’s unreal! This a fantastic with jeans for a girls’ night out!

Bamboo Bath Tray

Bamboo Bath Tray .png

We all have ways to relax and unwind. If a bubble bath is yours, you need one of these!

Monogrammed Silk PJs

Monogrammed Silk PJs.png

After that relaxing soak in the tub, there would be nothing more luxurious than slipping into your monogrammed silk PJ set. These are also great gifts , especially for a bridal party. LoveFoxDesigns on Etsy has matching eye masks, furry robes, and more that are sure to make you feel like glam while you hang out around the house.

Heart Knit Sweater

Knit heart sweater

I love this sweet knit sweater! I grabbed the cream colored option with a black heart, but there are others to choose from and none look overly Valentine’s-y. At 5’7 and 140 lbs, I went with a Medium and like the fit it offers me. If I wanted a more oversized look, I think one size up would have done the trick.

Doormats to Love

Dog Doormat.png

FreckledLemons on Etsy has so many cute options for every holiday to dress up your doorways. I am a big fan of this dog doormat because my two pugs are a lot to handle when you first come into my house, so those that like dogs to begin with are off to a much better start walking through the door.

Customized Necklace For Less

Custom Jewelry Initial Necklace.png
Most think of a few key gift ideas for women on Valentines: chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. Now, I’m not one to refuse any of those, but why bother with the heart jewelry that may or may not be something you would wear all the time? Personally, hearts have never been a big part of my wardrobe (the heart knit sweater above may be the first piece in a long time actually!), so these initial necklaces fit the bill much better. These are perfect for layering, come in three metals, and work with any look.

Pale Pink Crew Neck

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt.png

My go-to is denim with a great sweater or sweatshirt, so this top is a perfect addition to my wardrobe for any day. It is lightweight, comfy, and comes in multiple colors. This pale pink is by far my favorite, though!

Gray/White/Pink Striped Cardigan

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 6.31.23 PM.png

At this point, I think about 40% of my sweater collection may be striped and I have no regrets! I have this sweater in another color set and love it. I always get a ton of compliments and it doesn’t hurt that it is very cozy.

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