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August 25, 2020

By now most of you have likely seen an Instagram influencer refer to the app. But what is that anyway?? 

What is

Like To Know It is an app and website created by Reward Style that allows users to shop links from the recommendations of the influencers that publish on the app. Shoppers can follow their favorite influencers or search for specific things like ‘summer dresses’ or ‘fall sweaters’ to find options from hundreds of retailers. LTK is now the largest database for online shopping in this way with the most brands participating. There are other services out there that allow an influencer to refer you to their favorite brand and receive a commission when you buy something, but they are usually offered as one-offs. For example, you can sign up to be able to link through Amazon’s affiliate program and create unique links to share that provide you a commission. With, the influencer using it has access to linking through hundreds of brands including Amazon, Target, and more. 

How to use it

The easiest way to use LTK is through their app: When you click on a link from an influence that uses LTK, you can still shop their links through a web browser if you don’t have the app, though. If you have the app, you can do more than just click on a link that is given to you which is what makes it the better option. The search capabilities allow you to find specific types of clothes and accessories or for your favorite influencer so that you can follow their posts and links. 

What’s really handy is that if an influencer has posted a app picture (you’ll see the logo in the lower right corner telling you it is a LTK pic) and you have the app on your phone, you can take a screenshot of the picture to have the links for everything in that pic sent to you in an email! How easy is that?

To see how it works, you can screenshot this picture below: 


Notice the LTK logo in the bottom right corner? You should see an email in your inbox if you have the app already on your phone! 

Why do influencers use it? 

Influencers use the app to provide you with links to the items they are wearing and love. The benefit to them is that when you click on the link they have provided AND buy the item, they receive a small commission. The commission varies from brand to brand, but all links through LTK do provide it to the influence who brings them sales. If you love a certain influencer and their style, clicking their link and shopping through their links helps them to continue doing what they are doing and sharing what they love. 

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