How To Build Your Wardrobe (Part 2)

July 8, 2018

Ready to shop?? You’ve cleaned out your closet, figured out what your style goals are along with the items you need to make them reality, and you know your color story. Time to start getting out there and finding the items that will actually encompass your wardrobe.

Back to basics: Every wardrobe should have good solid basics to build on. This sounds like a simple enough task, but a ‘good basic’ should stand the test of time. That means you’re looking for more than just a solid color but a quality fabric. Soft, breathable fabrics that are easy to care for can be your best friend. Make sure you are paying attention to labels that dictate whether something will need dry cleaning or hang drying. Following those directions can sound like an option based on your current level of laundry enthusiasm, but they mean life or death to that article of clothing.

Basics Checklist –

Halogen Tank From Nordstrom Rack

Halogen Tank From Nordstrom Rack

After you have a few solid basics, you can build around them. Add in some patterns or statement pieces along with mixing textures and style for the seasons. Your shoes, accessories, and seasonal gear are a whole other obstacle that we will tackle together.

So that doesn’t seem too hard, right? This checklist comes with a few ‘rules’, though.

First and foremost is to BUY AND WEAR WHAT FITS YOU. I have bought everything from a small to an extra large depending on the brand or time of my life. You have to be comfortable enough to spend the money on things that truly fit regardless of what that tiny piece of fabric says the size is.

Next, do not bother with anything that has logos or writing on it. That is no longer a basic. It is workout gear.

Finally, this can take time. You don’t want to buy something to check it off a list when it comes to your wardrobe. You want to find the pieces that are right for you. If you are going to be spending your hard-earned money, you should be getting what you will love to wear. Know that not everything is going to work out for you when you walk in the store. Be OK with walking out empty-handed or with something you didn’t head in to find. That’s how you really build your wardrobe: little by little over time.

Coming soon: my favorite places to snag great pieces for my wardrobe!

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